NEMT Transportation to and from Recreational Activities

Nowadays, non-emergency medical transportation is in high demand. Many disabled and elderly people become socially isolated once driving is no longer an option. Patients can maintain healthy and active lifestyles by staying connected to their family, friends and neighborhood thanks to the accessible transportation modes. When people cannot drive a car or access safe, reliable transportation, they usually limit or postpone their medical visits, family gatherings, social events and recreational activities.

NEMT Houston provides non-emergency medical transportation for retired and limited mobility customers. We make sure you receive professional and competent supervision during your ride. NEMT Houston specialists guarantee you reach your destination securely – from pick-up to drop-off. For all of your leisure activities, we provide safe and convenient transportation services. Think about using NEMT Houston services for your upcoming work event, family get-together, or trip to the shopping center. Our cars are fully equipped with a wheelchair lock and lift, loop belts, and other amenities to ensure pleasant and secure outings. Specialists of NEMT Houston treat patients with maximum respect and compassion. What is more, our team can guarantee that your loved ones will be in good hands while traveling to their daily activities and doctor visits.

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